Electric Skillet


・More cooking options.
(※ Grooved griddle and Takoyaki plates are sold separately for CQD-B10S)
・Cordierite ceramic coated deep pan
・Healthy eating with less oil
・Washable main unit guard
・ Direct heat-proof (deep pan only)
・ Easily washable compact water holding plate (Grooved griddle plate)

Capacity Model No.

Cordierite ceramic coated deep pan

Improved far infrared cooking effects and durability

Effects of  cordierite ceramic coating

1.The far infrared effect of the cordierite ceramic material draws out the true flavor of the ingredients.
2.Coating improves the durability of the pan as well as its cleanliness.

Deep pan, grooved griddle and takoyaki plates - three types for more cooking options

・A healthier way to eat regular Korean-style BBQ.


・New recipes are introduced in addition to takoyaki



・Regular hot pot dishes

Healthy eating with less oil

Grooved griddle plate with water-filling hole

A structure is developed to allow excess oil to drain from the top, down to the bottom and through the hole by making the plate’s corrugated surface sloped in a mortar shape.

Washable main unit guard

Adjustable thermostat, heater and heat insulating board are combined into one structure, and the structure can be separated from the pan cover, which can now be easily cleaned.

The pan can be kept clean as the parts which become dirty can be easily washed with water.