Microcomputer Controlled Rice Cooker


A compact rice cooker is suitable for single or couple use. Thick inner pot and multi menu settings allow to enjoy sweetness rice and variety menu. 
・Scratch resistant inner pot 2.5cm
・8 computerized cooking menu  settings
・Display panel with LCD
・Keep warm for up to 12 hours
・ Detachable inner lid
・ Timer
・ Stainless steel plated top surface

Capacity Model No.
3 cups (0.54L)

Scratch resistant inner pot 2.5mm

Thick inner pot for cooking plump rice with high heat.

The extra-thick pot of 2.5mm in thickness made with far infrared processing is excellent for retaining heat, cooking rice with high heat and making sweetness rice. 

Delicious sweetness rice can be cooked as the entire side and bottom surfaces heat up.

8 computerized cooking menu settings

Compact but various menu included