Vacuum Insulated Bottle


- 2-way lid    
- One touch detachable carrying strap    
- Wide mouth as 4.5 cm (0.5L) / 4.1 cm (0.8L & 1.0L)   
- Sports drinks OK    
- Washable carrying holder with hard cushioned base
- Vacuum insulation technology
- Personalised name tag and label
- High-grade SUS304 (18/8) stainless steel    
- Super Clean   

Capacity Model No.
Cup 0.50L
Direct 0.54L
Cup 0.80L
Direct 0.84L
Cup 1.0L
Direct 1.05L

Take your buddy bottle anytime, anywhere!

2-way lid

Choose the way to drink directly or drink with the cup as kids grow.

Drink directly

Drink with the cup

One touch detachable carrying strap

Wear the bottle across your body when going to school or put the bottle in a school bag without the carrying strap.

Carrying holder with hard cushioned base

The hard cushioned base made of synthetic resin is tough against wear and tear. The durable carrying holder that is machine washable stays clean for a longer period of time.

Vacuum insulation technology

Tiger's bottles keep beverages hot or cold for a long period of time with its vacuum insulated structure. The vacuum between the two layers blocks the heat or cold from transferring to the other layers.

Personalised name tag and label

Helpful name tag and label to prevent kids from taking friends' bottle by mistake.

High-grade SUS304(18-/8) stainless steel

Our stainless steel products are made of SUS304 (18/8)
having excellent corrosion resistance for long-term use.

Super Clean

The inside of Tiger's bottles have smooth and polished interiors to resist against stains and odors.

Instruction Manuals

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