Enjoy the warm moment

Put your love in every meal that you prepare. That’s your secret ingredient.

Makes your dining unforgettable, keeping its deliciousness and temperature with this stylish jug. Now, you can definitely feel precious for this moment.

A wonderful life is the combination of good food, good people and good scenery. Enjoy this beautiful moment.

Have a great time with someone who makes you happy. Enjoy the food, enjoy your life.

Stainless Steel Handy Jug
PWM-B120 / PWM-B160 / PWM-B200

Capacity: 1.2L/1.6L/2L

Color : Ivory(CA), brown(TV)

  • - Vacuum insulated stainless double wall
  • - 7.5cm wide-mouth
  • - Light weight
  • - Open/close lever for one hand serving